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Hydrogen is the Holy-Grail to Younger Looking Skin

The desire to have wrinkle-free and healthy skin dates back to medieval times. One of the ways to ensure younger-looking skin at that time was to bath in springs and mineral waters. Studies have confirmed that waters which contain H2 whittle down the oxidation-reduction capacity of the human skin.

There are a number of ways to get molecular hydrogen into the human system. Apart from taking a H2 bath, we can also drink hydrogen infused water by dropping an H2 tablet in water. This option quickly grants molecular hydrogen a passage into the bloodstream and allows it to be transported all over the body. A general recommendation by skin-care experts is that 1-3mg of H2 be dissolved in every liter of water. There is no fear of an overdose because the end-product of H2 is water.

This High Frequency Machine Facilitates Hydrogen Into Your Skin

The Japanese are arguably the leaders in skin care invention. But even they have not discovered a way to bottle hydrogen and preserve it effectiveness. Unbelievably, an American dermatologist, Dr. Perricone has come very close to making this a reality. Perricone is responsible for a cutting-edge product known as H2 Energy Complex. This amazing product does not only ensure that hydrogen is taken into the body. It also revs the molecules a 100 times higher when it is ingested. Dr. Perricone believes his scientific breakthrough takes things to a whole new level.

According to him, hydrogen has the ability to pep “messenger molecules” which in turn encourage cells to generate 100’s of antioxidant enzymes that combat free radicals. In simple terms, hydrogen tells the body cells to become an antioxidant storehouse. There are vitamins and other antioxidants that are capable of doing this. But they all fall short because the capacity to create is not up to par with what is required for use. Hydrogen is a minute molecule and this makes it very easy to pass through the cell membrane. H2 is a superb anti-aging supplement because it possesses the ability to penetrate the nucleus of the cell and neutralize the free radicals responsible for aging.

The theory that our skin loses its elasticity as we grow older was first proposed in the 50’s by Denham Harman. His reason was that the human skin accumulated free radicals especially from an exposure to ultraviolet light. Molecular hydrogen is tasteless, flammable and odorless. It basically works by cutting down oxidative stress which stops the aging process. It also prevents a slew of other illnesses including cancers. Despite the obvious benefits of H2 it should not be seen as a substitute for organic sunscreen protection.

About This High Frequency Machine

This machine treats the face and the body! The Krasr High Frequency Facial device provides the best at-home treatment that makes your skin look younger in a number of areas:

- Tightens skin to reduce fine lines

- Removes Blemishes

- Reduces hair loss and dandruff through scalp massaging

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